When the A+ you are getting now still isn’t enough

Why the A+ you have in your back pocket is insufficient

At Paramount Education, we believe that every student has the potential to score As in their exams. All one has to do is to read and understand the text, and reapply during exams. However, we believe that scoring As is not equivalent to crossing the finishing line in a world that evolves continually. Especially in Singapore, where we are a knowledge-based economy, corporates believe in higher order thinking and well informed opinionated speeches. Careless mistakes are frowned upon and staying silent in a meeting doesn’t contribute much to meaningful discussions.

While scoring an A guarantees your place in good schools, ultimately leading to a decent degree from a reputable school, it does not guarantee you a place in the workforce.

Any parent can testify to that. While a degree would seem to be a prestigious piece of paper which gets you up the corporate ladder, it no longer matters that much in today’s workforce, where a degree is more of an entry requirement than anything.

The solution

The education system in Singapore is thus flawed, as both parents and teachers focus on the final output of acing the exams. Schools drill concepts and try to enforce rules in securing high marks in exams. While not wrong, we feel that there is more to learning than just achieving a good grade.

At Paramount Education, we aim to equip students with both soft and hard skill sets that can not only bring them through school, but also through life as they enter the workforce. A good grade forms the base of our mission and more importantly, we strive to teach students how to make their learning style more relevant and applicable upon graduation.

With each and every of our students, we grow our student’s mental capacity to think and solve problems which are transferable to their life after school. We teach them to question status quo, and to be opinionated in their thinking, be it in speech or in writing.

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