Why being a teacher is not that easy

Being a teacher has never been easy and will never be easy. However, despite the reasons listed below, we still love our jobs and students so much because the joy that results from a students success is irreplaceable!

1. Endless marking and paperwork

Our job doesn’t start when we see our students come in to school and end when the same kids leave school for home. Oh no no. We have lessons to prepare for, and review of our lessons after they are conducted. We mark homework. A piece of homework which takes 5 mins to mark for a student can easily take up 3 hrs of our time, assuming a class of 40. Now multiply that by 5 classes

2. Extra curriculum activities

Like students, teachers take on CCAs in school too! This ranges from volunteering to be the IC for school activities and CCAs to organizing school related events or even coming up with initiatives! While we can opt not to do it, it severely affects our KPIs and performance assessment!
3. Naughty students

Oh the huge headache when we deal with difficult students. Not only do our relationship with our students get affected, we waste precious teaching time if our classes are disrupted or even precious marking time if we have to follow up after our lessons. More often than not, we are left wondering if our follow up actions allows our students to learn from their mistake and grow wiser

4. Exasperating parents

As if our workload isn’t enough, parents can wear us out with their endless barrage of questions. While questions are more than welcome and constant communication between parent and teachers are needed, some parents take a step further. They berate teachers for their teaching styles and instruct teachers on how to conduct lessons. To keep us sane, teachers have to know for sure that the ultimate intention is to benefit the child. A fine example would the most recent case of a parent threatening to sue the school for confiscating his son’s mobile phone due to his misuse devict during school hours. Indeed, gone are the days where a teacher and their rules are fully respected in this day and age.

Despite all the hard work and problems associated with teaching, we still love our jobs and nothing in this world is more joyous to us than seeing our kids grow up to be the future leaders and have them make a mark in this world

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