Paramount Education’s testimonials feature students whom we have mentored over the past years. Each student’s unique learning journey is reflected in these success stories, and testify to the proven results of an excellent mentoring programme tailored to each individual.


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For some time, I have been struggling to find a suitable teacher that is able to motivate and coach my children specifically to their needs. The past few tutors used a generic teaching method and materials but to no avail. Having been recommended by a close friend, I decided to give Darren a chance to tutor my children. I was greatly impressed by the teaching methods that he customised to suit my children’s needs. The effectiveness of these new techniques aided my children to soar beyond their previous achievements.

  • Siti Aminah, mother of 2, both coached by Darren



Darren has been an exceptional tutor and a role model to me. He taught me for 4 years, and helped me improve from an F9 in secondary school to an A for ‘A’ Levels. I am so grateful to him for encouraging and motivating me to pick myself up when I was failing my papers. He guided me through 2 major examinations and gave me the tools that were paramount in achieving the success I have today.

  • Izzuddin, ex-student under mentorship for 4 years.



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