The story.

At Paramount Education, we believe that every child is special. Through our unique approach of differentiated learning and parental engagement, we provide a learning experience that equips every child for his/ her life ahead.

Our team of teachers are well versed in their respective subjects, and are experienced in not just tutoring but also in children and youth development. Most importantly, all our teachers subscribe to the Paramount methodology, believing in cultivating a positive learning attitude and awakening the curiosity in our students.

Singapore, as a knowledge-based economy, has people as her greatest assets. Academic exploration has never been more important than right now. In Singapore today, university graduates are plentiful, as are learning centres and private tutors.

What sets Paramount Education apart is our emphasis on all-rounded learning – focusing not just on academic achievements but also on character development and intellectual stimulation – not dissimilar to that of the curriculum of top-tier schools in Singapore.