The Paramount Methodology.

Paramount Education was founded on the principle of life-long learning. As important as an A+ is to all of us, we believe that it should not be the only defining factor of a child’s education. What sets Paramount Education apart is our emphasis on all-rounded learning – focusing not just on academic achievements but also on character development and intellectual stimulation – similar to that of the curriculum of top-tier schools in Singapore.

Just as each child is unique and precious to their parents, so are they to us. At Paramount Education, we aim to bring out the best in every child by not only helping them achieve academic excellence, but also equipping them with skill-sets and values that they will carry for life. This is achieved through our unique three-pronged approach.

1) Differentiated Learning
Through our student-centered approach, we will build a curriculum for each child that focuses on his/ her learning needs and preferences. We will first build a strong foundation through our unique teaching methodology before moving on to higher-order learning.

Students will first be assessed based on their proficiency and a run-down of strengths and weaknesses will be provided before placement in a customized class that will suit the needs of the child. We are consistent and highly structured in our teaching methodology. Every concept taught will be applied in clear and concise steps, with examples of varying difficulty to stretch the learning experience.

2) Parent Engagement
Traditionally, learning has always been between the child and the educator. At Paramount Education, we believe in the importance of the parent-educator-child relationship, which is why we will provide regular statistical and progress updates, so as to allow for the involvement of parents to support their children in the process of life-long learning.

We aim to instil trust between parents, educator and child by personally engaging you with relevant and crucial information about your child’s progress in a consistent manner weekly through customized reports. We want you to trust us as much as your child trusts you. This not only provides you with your child’s current performance, but also to shed more clarity on progression ever since enrollment into our lessons, and to predict a more foreseeable performance at the end of the academic year.

3) Unique Teaching Pedagogy
Instead of a one-way information transfer from educator to child, we stress upon a two-way communication between both parties that is not prevalent in today’s education system. We encourage students to test their understanding by asking questions and summarizing the lesson’s takeaways.

This teaching pedagogy is becoming popular in recent years and is currently employed by tertiary institutions like Singapore Management University (SMU). Paramount Education is the first of its kind to launch such teaching techniques at the primary and secondary level. Providing an opportunity for students to voice out and clarify their doubts not only helps develop their understanding of the subject, but also nurtures critical thinking skills and builds confidence. Through our teaching pedagogy, our students will be better equipped on a personal and professional level.